Telematics has come a long way from simple vehicle tracking and routing to become a powerful data aggregator that can collect, analyze and send data for everything from risky driver behavior to container and shipment conditions. Recent telematics devices can save you thousands on fuel costs and track your drivers’ HOS hours – all through a box the size of your hand.

So naturally, the next step is for the device to cross industry borders and provide its services to various other sectors. Specifically, the future of telematics is going to be the rail and construction industries.

Switzerland’s largest freight rail operator, SBB Cargo, has already implemented automotive technology into all 7,000 of their rail cars this week.

A Connected Rail Transport System:

The leader in Swiss freight rail will be using the connected rail transport system to relay railcar and cargo information to a central control center. The railcars are equipped with sensors that will collect positioning data along with sensory data to glean insight into the temperature, humidity levels and sustained shock for the cargo.

Maintenance reports, similar to the ones already provided by BSM’s Sentinel FM, are the next step of the collaboration between the two companies. Once created, they will predict when maintenance is needed, so that the rail cars are operating at optimal efficiency with minimal down time.

Safety Remains Key Aspect for the Future of Telematics:

As the freight industry turns to telematics to oversee their high-value cargo, security will remain a key feature of telematics to secure not only rail cars, but their shipment as well.  If a car goes out of range the command center gets an alert, and if someone breaks into the freight the command center gets notified and an alarm sounds.

The future of telematics and the value of the services it can provide will definitely be exciting, if not downright exciting.

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