Fleet Fuel Efficiency

If you oversee a fleet of trucks or other vehicles, here’s an important question for you: When you look over your expenditures from the past year, were your fuel costs surprisingly high? It’s a problem that confounds and frustrates so many fleet managers.

Fortunately, there are effective ways of lowering those expenses, and thanks to cutting-edge technologies, many of them are extremely easy to put into practice.

Old-Fashioned Conservation Techniques

First of all, you and your team could employ some tried-and-true saving methods to maximize fleet fuel efficiency. They include:

  • Instructing your drivers to turn off their ignitions as soon as they come to a complete stop.
  • Having your technicians examine your trucks’ gas tanks to make sure they aren’t spilling fuel.
  • Asking your drivers to park in well-lit and heavily trafficked places to prevent fuel theft.
  • Inflating all tires and replacing all spark plugs in a timely manner.
  • Equipping your trucks with devices that limit how fast they can go, as speeding wastes gas.

Software Saves Fuel and Headaches

The best way to improve your fleet fuel efficiency though, is to rely on fuel maintenance software. A high-quality program can help you eliminate the inefficiencies that cause your vehicles to waste fuel.

To start with, fuel maintenance software can assist your drivers in planning direct routes while avoiding construction delays, detours, heavy traffic and other road problems. And it can steer them to the gas stations with the cheapest prices.

Because this software is connected to each vehicle’s diagnostic system, it can alert you whenever a truck is idling. You can then contact the driver and remind him or her not to squander precious gasoline.

Additionally, these programs aid fleet managers in “rightsizing.” This process involves figuring out exactly how many vehicles you need, which new trucks to buy and which old trucks to get rid of. That way, you don’t have to pay for surplus vehicles or fuel.

Paper Equals Disorganization

On the other hand, if you’re relying on paper documentation to track your fuel expenses, there are bound to be inaccuracies. Consider that:

  • Receipts commonly get lost.
  • People often forget to keep records of their refueling stops.
  • It’s easy to make mistakes in arithmetic.

Not to mention, why waste the time that manual bookkeeping requires when software can take care of these tasks instantaneously and without error?

Stopping Internal Fuel Theft

This kind of software resists internal theft by telling you how much money it should cost to fuel a certain vehicle over a certain period. It makes this calculation by weighing such factors as the age and make of the truck and the distance it’ll travel during that time frame.

If a driver reports that he or she paid significantly more money on fuel during that duration, you can investigate. Protecting yourself against fuel theft will boost your fleet fuel efficiency, meaning you will get exactly what you paid for.

Boosting Your Budgeting Skills

Of course, computer programs can make much more accurate predictions than human beings can. Algorithms are especially adept at figuring out a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With an accurate idea of how much you’ll spend on fuel, you can create precise budgets.

When everyone in your company is striving to conserve fuel and you have excellent software to monitor these efforts, you may be delighted by your savings. And your whole team can feel good about reducing its carbon footprint. Yes, these efforts are as healthy for the environment as they are for your profit margin.

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