As rail freight velocity increases, the time is right to collaborate with rail shippers and work together to develop new ways to bring efficiency and organization across the rail lines. Last year saw a very worrisome decline in carloads that had many industry watchers predicting the end of the rail industry. Lower prices from truck brought the total US freight rail traffic from carloads and intermodal down by 6.1% the first week of October when compared to the first week in 2017. (This was seen as part of a larger recessive trend created by similar declines in September of the same year.) Carloads were down 10.4%; Intermodal was down 3.3%[1]

But the traffic has returned and fluctuations in fuel pricing have brought traffic back to freight rail. However, to maintain consistent a relationship with shippers, it’s the best time for railroads to show shippers why they are always the best choice when it comes to shipping goods efficiently, safely and reliably. To learn more about: How IoT Connects Shippers and Railroads get the white paper:

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