A Customer Story: BSM Redeploys Geotab, Improves Bottom-line for Prominent US Utility Service Provider

Utility Construction & Network Installation wide
Utility Construction & Network Installation wide

This week in our blog series, we feature a US utility service provider who realized the benefits of an existing Geotab fleet management solution after partnering with BSM. An 80 year old company with 2300 highly skilled stakeholders across 13 states – three key factors put this customer on a path to success:

  1. High Touch Onboarding

The customer was already using the Geotab solution when BSM was introduced. Another reseller had deployed Geotab, but offered no installation support afterwards. The frustrated customer had significant implementation challenges as a result.

20 years of experience working with large enterprise enabled BSM to quickly mobilize a specialized support team. We rolled back the initial Geotab deployment and reactivated an onboarding process with strong support for both new and existing users. We mapped critical milestones and defined workflows to drive increased productivity and cost-savings. Decision makers were equipped with dashboards that monitored assets relevant to specific use cases. Inorder to ensure the client has a complete solution, we’re are also in the process of assessing the ELD and telematics needs for the customer’s non-powered equipment.

  1. Created Value Quickly

BSM’s specialized support team established a strong working relationship with the customer’s team, enabling them to understand the implementation challenges it was facing and to formulate a plan to help their business grow by incorporating the Geotab platform into their day-to-day operations.

Asking customers to disrupt their work routine and change their habits is a tall order. In order to ensure a high adoption rate by the client’s team, we trained users on the Geotab platform. Now users can track multiple data sources and monitor operational performance in a single platform. This real-time view helps to measure important KPIs from the front lines and provides them with a competitive advantage in their industry.

  1. Data for Transformed Business Models

With active tracking for vehicle location and safety, the customer’s 800-unit Geotab deployment quickly grew to over 1200 units.

As with all of our customers, the BSM team worked closely with the client to provide a solution tailored to their needs. Key for this particular customer was the ability to quickly and accurately determine the cause and location of vehicle issues.

To provide this detail, BSM built utilization and optimization modules that lay on top of their existing Geotab platform, providing additional insights with robust, data-rich scorecards that include vehicle health, cost per mile, compliance, and more. The client can now drill down to the regional, office, or vehicle level and compare performance statistics for different time periods.  Timely preventative maintenance helps them identify problems early which equates to less dollars needed for repair and reducing overall cost of operating equipment. Using patented algorithms, the customer draws additional insights into driver behavior and fuel costs. 

Interested in optimizing your operation with a solution that can be customized to suit your exact business needs? Partner with BSM to deliver accurate intelligence for real results.

Do you ever wonder exactly what steps are involved in the deployment and integration of a telematics solution for your fleet?

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