As the construction sector spending grows by 8.6%

As the construction sector spending grows by 8.6% year over year, we see the emergence of new technologies that help facilitate and streamline worksite operations. Some cool new technologies to note are:

1. Near-field communication (NFC) are a secure way to transfer data using tags between NFC-enabled devices. From smart phones to tablets, the process of remote data transfer makes the construction process quicker and simpler.

  • Accurately measure material inventory and requirements for ongoing projects on site
  • Track equipment location and utilization during construction
  • Keep an eye on worker attendance and scheduling. One use case is to place a NFC tag on standard uniform pieces such a hardhats and shoes
  • Enable real-time safety by creating worker accessible tags giving off emergency alert

2. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology helps site managers inspect vehicles entering and leaving the work site. Through 2D barcode scanning, vehicles can be inspected for pre-trip and post-trip requirements, with the added ability to scan vehicles from more than a few meters in distance and out of a clear range.

  • Reduce inspection times as drivers can simply scan the barcode for a specific inspection component and the application automatically recognizes whether there is a defect or not.
  • If defects are detected driver can enter notes and take pictures to describe the issue.
  • Reports available for each inspection

3. Google glass is a wearable head-mounted optical technology that helps project additional information real-time to the user to better understand environmental factors and variables. Voice commands help the user access full internet functionality like a smart phone.

  • Ability to construct 3D building models and calculate dimensions and requirements, to perfect processes right in front of your eyes
  • Ability to incorporate GPS data to track, measure and understand work site landscape.

As Google glasses develop further, there are tremendous advantages to incorporating telematics functionality to help construction site managers assess utilization, track resources, ensure safety, and manage workers. Better control on the work site helps reduce operating costs and create efficiencies.