When an organization announces something new and exciting just as we’ve done with BSM Illuminate, it’s easy to let the future and all it has in store for our customers and the industry to overshadow the foundation of an organization. That’s why we’re taking a moment to give a shout out to the past 20 years of BSM Technologies and highlight for you, our valued reader, how we’ve gotten to where we are today.



Since its inception, BSM has worked in the government industry, and over the past 20 years we have amassed over 350 clients in the government vertical alone. The reason we keep growing is because we approach each client and their unique needs at a very individual level.

We have built and continue to build configurable integrations and solutions for government organizations, and our solutions contain industry-specific APIs that are interconnected with standard government enterprise systems. Our efforts have earned BSM a reputation across North America for having the best winter road maintenance solutions.



In a world where same-day request and deliver has become the standard, our service clients trust BSM to create a solution that drives efficiency of their fleets via our Appointment, Status, Dispatch, and Route & Plan modules.

Our approach to service is akin to our approach to government and customers across all industries: we tailor our solution to help you capture what’s important to your organization. As a result, BSM customers using our route optimization products experience efficiency improvements of 20 to 30%.



A connected jobsite looks much different today than it did 20 years ago, and BSM has innovated its technology to keep pace. With our solution, our customers have a protected jobsite and run a leaner operation. They know where their machines are at any given moment, and we customize geofencing technology for every jobsite, so your equipment is always protected. With respect to running a lean operation, our vehicle utilization tracking allows construction project managers to remotely monitor all equipment to save money and protect their workers.



BSM has a stellar suite of products built with rail in mind, something we have achieved by working with our customers and partner companies, such as Lat-Lon, to develop configurable solutions suited to meet business needs.

BSM is attuned to the challenges the rail yard faces and delivers full yard visualization by connecting the systems, so customers can effectively manage their people, property, and products. With a success rate of 97%, it’s easy to see why our customers rely on us to validate the collected data and provide tactical recommendations for modifications that can result in big cost savings. In fact, our Lat-Lon NPS (net promoter score) in rail ranks us as world class for our solutions, with over 70% of our customers telling us they would go out of their way to recommend BSM Lat-Lon for their rail needs.


Four Verticals, One BSM

What does BSM’s rich history and bright future mean for our customers? It means that through partnerships like Geotab coupled with our software expertise, customers have access to all of our specialized resources to successfully implement a telematics solution and receive ongoing support. BSM has always and will continue to provide the right resources at every stage of deployment and implementation.

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About Us – BSM Technologies Inc., through its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled telematics and asset management solutions.  BSM Illuminate is BSM’s software platform, which enables companies to make data driven operational decisions and to leverage big data and analytics for competitive advantage. With more than 20 years of experience in the enabled telematics and asset management solutions industry, BSM is focused on the Government, Service, Rail and Construction markets, utilizing predictive analytics to interpret data from multiple sources so that customers improve their operations in the areas of efficiency, safety and compliance. 

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