The 9 Apps Your Building Company Needs for Project Success

The construction sector is expected to grow significantly from 2014-2019. Just this year alone, the US industry will rise 9% to $612 billion, trumping 2014’s 5% growth. Industry watchers in the construction sector are fondly quipping we need 500 new construction projects per day to for the next 35 years to accommodate for the surging population growth we’re currently experiencing. And that’s not even accounting for the accompanying infrastructure and commercial projects that will be needed.

But the growth will not be spread evenly throughout the industry. The building company that will benefit most from these changes will be the ones that quickly adapt their operations and management to the changing nature of the industry. Technology will play a key role in determining whether firms experience sustained project success to maintain their current position in the market, overcome the challenges to become the new leaders of the era, or succumb to their cumbersome processes and fall behind their competitors.

Keeping Busy: 500 Construction Projects Per Day for the Next 35 Years


If you’re a building company aiming to move into the major leagues, we’ve compiled a list of 10 software platforms to streamline processes in the offices and job-sites.

  1. Rhumbix:A robust mobile platform that provides data driven insights to improve field supervision and labor efficiency.
  2. PlanGrid:A collaborative software platform that provides real time updates and seamless file sync.
  3. Raken:A daily reporting software platform for mobile devices that creates more effective documentation.
  4. Mapistry:An online mapping and SWPP tool for environmental compliance.
  5. Fieldwire:A cloud based platform to store and access construction project plans and share information.
  6. SafeSite:A safety management platform that manages tasks, inspections, and observations with automated reporting.
  7. Sentinel FM – An WIFI and satellite-based asset monitoring tool that give you real-time insight into all your equipment 24 hours a day from any internet connected device.
  8. BuildingConnected:A cloud based bid management and file management platform.
  9. Skysite:A cloud based platform to distribute project plans and documents.

We’d love to hear what technology solutions you’re using to tackle growth. Leave us a comment below!