The Competitive Advantage of Connected Construction Assets

Connected construction assets enables your company to save money and work smarter and safer. But just what does it mean to be “connected”? This post shows you what a connected jobsite looks like, and how partnering with BSM Technologies will put your company ahead of the curve.

Protect your Assets

BSM’s configurable fleet and asset management software provides real-time GPS tracking for heavy equipment. You’ll know where your machines and tools are at all times. What’s more, we’ll customize our geofencing technology to your jobsite, so if equipment ever leaves the boundaries you’ve identified, you’ll be alerted immediately. This feature significantly reduces response time for thefts and allows you to recover stolen equipment.

Con-Elco, an underground utility contractor based in Toronto, has been a BSM customer since 2010. Randy Moore is a fleet manager with Con-Elco and shared with us that “over the past eight years BSM has helped us recover nearly $200,000 in stolen equipment. The information we were able to access through BSM let us alert police right away and not only recover equipment, but help authorities catch the thieves.”

Run a Lean Construction Site

Not only can BSM’s solution tell you how many hours your equipment has been powered on, it tracks in-use time, providing utilization data that can save you thousands of dollars.

How does BSM do this? Let’s use the example of a jobsite with multiple generators, 10 of which are running at 20% fuel or less. By using BSM’s solution, you will be able to set up alerts when your equipments fuel usage drops below a certain threshold. This allows for the fuel delivery to be automatically dispatched to service those generators, rather than 10 individual trips out, or 10 different foremen arriving at their posts and realizing at different times that their generator is low, pausing work to dispatch a fuel service.

Another example is the ability to remotely start and stop equipment, which is especially useful for night shifts where light stands are used. Utilizing BSM’s fleet and asset management solution, your can automatically turn on the stands before the crew arrives, which means they’re getting to work right away.

Share Data via a Single Pane of Glass

In 2018 you’ll be hard-pressed to find an OEM that doesn’t have construction equipment tracking installed. However, inefficiencies arise when your jobsite is running multiple pieces of equipment from a handful of OEM’s, since you must log-in to each of their portals to track the usability, fuel levels, and more.

BSM offers you a 360-degree view into your entire jobsite by merging the data across multiple systems and aggregating it into one backend equipment software. Beyond that, we give you the power to have unique logins for the front-end user portal so that you can provide varying levels of access to contractors and employees.

Take a Deeper Dive

A full list of features available for each type of construction equipment is available in our downloadable booklet. Check it out and let’s get talking about how we can customize the BSM construction fleet management software to connect your jobsite today.

BSM Technologies – A leading player in the M2M industry for 20 years, BSM continues to grow and has proven its sustainability in the GPS asset tracking and telematics industry. Our location-smart platform is ideal for managing the health and compliance of assets vital to your organization. Covering a wide range of industries from construction and rail to tanks and even HOS, BSM is your committed partner in assisting with all your fleet management solutions. Today, our solutions are used to optimize and manage over 70,000 assets across 40 countries by some of the largest rail, construction, and commercial fleet organizations in the world. Experience our enterprise-focused solutions, robust capabilities, and customer-oriented culture.