Construction Technology: 5 Heavy Equipment Trends

Heavy equipment

The heavy equipment industry is embracing new trends as sustained growth continues in all sectors of construction, which we discussed earlier. Innovative construction technology, multifunctioning equipment and networking sites like WorkHands are now mainstream in many fleets. Many contractors and operators are able to boost their efficiency and reduce costs through the following new trends:

1) Most Heavy Machines Are Now Rented

In 2015, revenues for construction and industrial rental are projected to increase by 9.8 percent, and justifiably so. Maintenance and repair can compound the operating cost of owned vehicles to somewhere between $30 and $40 per hour. Comparatively, renting can reduce the same cost to $20 per hour.

2) Construction Technology Brings Multifunctioning-Machines

Advances in technology have improved the versatility of various heavy equipment vehicles, making a single machine capable of performing more tasks. The cost-effectiveness of such utility has increased demand for new equipment.

3) Downsizing Displacement Engines

There is a movement to choose smaller 13-liter engines for trucks to shed as much as 300 pounds off the total weight. Advances in their torque and power allows these engines to perform just as well as 15-liters that came out just a few years ago. Added power density means contractors and owners won’t lose performance but the weight savings will be incredible.

4) GHG14 Compliance and Greater Fuel Efficiency Anticipating GHG17

Greenhouse gas emissions regulations came into effect last year with the result that all engine manufacturers are now certified for GHG14, taking away the use of hard speed limiters to meet specifications. We now have reduced fuel consumption without the toll on speed, and the engines will continue to optimize in anticipation for GHG17. With upcoming regulations, we expect construction technology to continue to evolve greener.

5) Social Networking for Skilled Workers

WorkHands is a networking site exclusively for people in the construction and manufacturing industry and it aims to connect workers with employers. Finding the right people for any position will now be so much easier. See for yourself here.