FirstNet – Saving Lives by Connecting First Responders

BSM Technologies a Partner in FirstNet with AT&T Fleet Manager

BSM Technologies is at the forefront of development and execution as FirstNet prepares to roll out. The new initiative is a life-changer for the first responder community and partnering with BSM ensures that the FirstNet fleets across the country will be tracked in real-time. This will provide important and relevant up-to-the-minute information to responders both in and out of the field.

What is FirstNet?

FirstNet is an independent government authority that was created to develop, operate, and maintain a public safety wireless broadband network, one that is nationwide and interoperable. Its main objective is to equip first responders with the necessary tools to save lives and protect U.S. communities. The 2 most important tools are: advanced communications and collaborative technologies. Access to these lifesaving technologies via FirstNet will be invaluable to law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel, serving cities, counties, tribal and rural communities, across the entire US.

Why is FirstNet Needed? 

Today, first responders are facing many issues that can delay response time. In emergency situations, when seconds matter, the current communications solutions just doesn’t cut it due to:

  • Lack of Interoperable Networks
  • Low Bandwidth during Emergencies and Large Events
  • Lack of Situational Awareness in Emergencies

Improving Operational Awareness with AT&T Fleet Manager

AT&T Fleet Manager, a fleet management solution for government agencies, will provide the right technology for First Responders to connect asset data to the personnel and systems required for operational and mission-critical decisions.

In the face of man-made attacks or natural disasters, being able to plan for and coordinate assets – police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances – is not only crucial, it saves lives. In these emergency situations, when large-scale coordination efforts are underway, timely data can make all of the difference between success or tragedy. AT&T Fleet Manager, as part of the FirstNet network, devices, and applications, will streamline the collection of needed information, and disseminate it to the right people, at the right time with high-speed data, location information, images, and video. This can make all the difference when seconds count. It primary function will be to:

  1. Improve Coordination of First Responders and other Mission Critical Assets
  2. Enhance Levels of Service
  3. Enable Timely and Strategic Decisions

Fleet Manager will provide dispatchers with real-time visibility into all of their assets, on one platform. They will be able to locate and coordinate First Responders and Support Groups, ensuring that much needed resources are properly allocated.

When a situation becomes more critical in one area, resources can be quickly and efficiently deployed. AT&T Fleet Manager will provide real-time operational data, ensuring that decisions can be made swiftly and accurately, to minimize the impact of the emergency situations. This data will also be an invaluable resource to rapidly developing change

When the emergency situation has passed, AT&T Fleet Manager will provide the tool set required to conduct a situational analysis and incident reconstruction, truly meeting the end-to-end needs to facilitate crisis management and resolution.

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