Discover our Fleet Management Solutions Designed for your Organization

Fleet Center is a robust GPS/AVL solution for fleets of all types and sizes in the government and service sectors. Manage operational performance, ensure compliance and steer towards better productivity through one platform that lets you make smart decisions.
JMM Global, provides a comprehensive business intelligence platform and environmental compliance expertise to manage storage tank systems.  We offer alarm and release detection, event tracking, fuel inventory management, and mobile inspection surveys through our IoT based solutions.
Lat-Lon is a trusted provider of GPS solutions built for the industrial environment with solar capabilities. Access web-reporting for our ruggedized solutions from any internet connection that easily integrates with other software solutions you may be running.
mobi’s data center helps you make better decisions in using the data from your fleet management solutions. In long range planning, daily operations, and location intelligence, use our mobi platform to turn the data into actionable insights.
Our Sentinel platform is built for fleet managers in specialised industries like construction and rail. It’s your command center for intelligent management of both fixed and mobile assets of every kind. From cranes to rubber tires, you’ll be able to manage every kind of asset from one platform.
Our rapid install solution is provided through one-click access to a high-performance web application so you can access information the minute you need it. Now you can manage your fleet from the road or from the comfort of your home.