Sentinel Rapid Install – Easily Manage Your Assets

Get quick access to robust fleet management.
  • Access your fleet data in ten minutes
  • Powerful integration capabilities
  • Incredible array of sensors for all kinds of data
Sentinel RI
Sentinel RI is a small but powerful locator. Easy to install and easy to update, the Sentinel RI gives you access to a full capacity GPS tracking and fleet management solution. You get accurate engine diagnostics, DTC and proprietary engine data. The built-in accelerometer gives you accurate vehicle speeds. For fleets that span state and national borders, the Sentinel RI can mean saving thousands in installation costs and seeing the immense benefits of a scalable fleet management solution.
Sentinel RI Rugged
Enjoy all the advantages of the Sentinel RI from a locator able to withstand the harshest conditions and environments. Designed for rugged, industrial use, the Sentinel RI is the perfect easy-install option for heavy equipment, farming, powered assets and heavy-duty trucks. Able to withstand harsh impacts, the locator is protected from temperature extremes, water and even humidity. When everything else is going wrong, you can continue to rely on the Sentinel RI Rugged to keep sending you the information to make informed decisions.