Lat-Lon – Powerful Asset Tracking Solution

Industrial strength for industrial needs.
  • Industrial strength GPS solutions for industrial assets
  • Powerful integration capabilities
  • Incredible array of sensors for all kinds of data
Our latest tracking units sends messages to gateways up to a mile away (and store 5000 messages when out of range). The gateways then transmit data back to servers, reducing the overall number of message sent across cellular channels. All while maintaining the impact detection, sensor monitoring and many other features you’ve come to expect from us.
Solar Tracking Unit (STU)
The STU is a self-contained locator ideal for use on rail containers, barges, intermodal and trucking assets that don’t come back to home-base very often. The patented solar technology allows for self-charging that reports data back to the server day and night. With quick and easy installation, pressure and temperature sensors and many more features, the STU is ideal for tracking out of the way and hard to reach assets.
Compact Tracking Unit (CTU)
Containing all the power of the STU available in a smaller form, the CTU can easily slip into the small grooves of a container or any other non-powered asset. Powered by solar, durable and easy to install, the CTU boasts and average lifetime of 7 years.
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