Smarter Usage of Road Salt

This whitepaper will go over:
  • How new technology can reduce cost of salt application
  • The growing concern over salt – from  environmental concerns to increased costs
  • A detailed overview of new tools available to fleet managers:
    • fleet management tools to streamline operations
    • salt usage technology to optimize salt spreading
With dwindling stockpiles and increasing salt prices, learn how other fleet managers, with decades of experience, have learned to use this resource smartly and responsibly.

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Increased environmental concerns are leading to more stringent regulations. Harsh winters are depleting stockpiles and raising salt prices. Demand for greater transparency and accountability is on the rise. These are but a few of the issues faced by fleet managers. Learn how new Technologies can help you get a better handle on your salt operations.

BSM Technologies has been a provider of telematics solution for over 20 years. For more information about our salt management solutions, CONTACT US.

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