Increase customer satisfaction with modules that are driven by your economic goals, built on your metrics, and based on your operational data.
Optimize your operations by ensuring the right person gets to the right location at the right time.

Our economic scheduling module recommends dynamic time windows that reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. By presenting schedulers with several time-windows to choose from, Illuminize.Appointment eliminates hunting and guessing. Customer service representatives can satisfy callers in less time and fit more profit into your day.


  • Assign drivers with the right skills to the right tasks
  • Balance high priority jobs and routine maintenance appointments
  • Uses your economic goals and success factors to ensure customer satisfaction at the lowest cost

The route planning software is driven by your economic goals, success factors, built on your metrics, and based on your operational data, to provide results that you can trust. The results enable you to make Promises you can keep … thereby meeting your daily goals, such as minimizing distance, increasing on-time arrivals or increasing visits per resource.


  • Vary your economic goals and run multiple scenarios to choose the best Route
  • Visually compare route plans with different goals
  • View each driver’s route on a map

Increase customer satisfaction by managing the workday with real-time, suggest-and-assist technology to manage same-day schedule changes. By predicting late jobs and service issues, you can solve problems ahead of time and keep customers satisfied.


  • Manage changes with real-time, suggest-and-assist technology
  • Stay on budget with visual route adjustment & insights
  • Easily support dynamically optimized same-day appointment
  • Be on-time with the proactive warning system
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Flexible and Modular:

Scale up your fleet management solution by adding the module that are relevant to your business needs.

Our modules are as unique as your business and operate according to your business model using our operations optimization engine.

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