Route Optimization with BSM Technologies

As a leader in GPS fleet and asset management, BSM Technologies knows the importance and value of an effective route optimization solution. Efficient routing can result in reduced mileage, fuel, and maintenance costs — all of which contribute to a lower total cost of ownership. At the same time, digital tools for route optimization save time in planning and last-minute changes while increasing customer satisfaction and driver morale with flexible scheduling.

BSM Technologies aims to provide clients with the best software solutions to optimize their operations. For example, our mobi.Route module is specifically designed to help clients identify the most efficient routes for all work scheduled prior to the start of the day. BSM’s mobi.Dispatch module manages the real-time needs of fleets, such as unexpected orders and route re-assignments.  Both of these modules utilize various data points such as timing for departure and arrival at each destination, traffic patterns and time of day to determine the most cost-effective and time-saving methods of optimizing client’s routes.

Key Features of mobi.Route

Starting with a client’s specific goals and metrics, mobi.Route offers multiple features to aid fleet managers in reducing overall mileage, increasing on-time arrivals, and improving customer satisfaction, including: 

  • Optimized Plans – Each fleet has unique needs and distinct goals when it comes to ideal results. To accommodate these varying needs, mobi.Route offers multiple optimization profiles. These profiles allow users to prioritize multiple goals, such as shortest distance travelled and/or on-time arrivals and accommodate their customer’s preferences, such as time work is completed, preferred resource, etc.
  • Multi-Vehicle Routing – Much of the challenge in true route optimization comes from the complexities introduced by multiple vehicles (and vehicle types) as well as a large number of routes. mobi.Route is specifically designed to manage fleet routing accurately and efficiently.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use – Even the most powerful software will be of little benefit if it is too complicated for everyday operation. The routing software solution from BSM was made with the user in mind, making it intuitive to use for both planning and releasing route information.
  • Cloud-Based Software-as-a-Service – mobi.Route is simple to deploy as a cloud-based software solution. Without the need for integration, fleet managers can be up and running with mobi.Route’s route optimization tools quickly and with little to no downtime.

Key Features of mobi.Dispatch

As the counterpart to mobi.Route, mobi.Dispatch is focused on helping fleet managers deal with unexpected changes to routing needs, including accommodating last-minute additions to orders, predicting late jobs and service issues, and other factors that could result in avoidable delays. mobi.Dispatch accomplishes this with its multiple real-time routing features.

  • Smart Route Adjustments – Unplanned changes to a single route — or the re-routing of entire fleet — can result in significant time delays and added costs. With mobi.Dispatch, adjustments can be made to routes on an as-needed basis while keeping the vehicle and fleet on time and on budget.
  • Suggest-and-Assist Technology – Last-minute adjustments can be challenging and frustrating to incorporate into an already full schedule. mobi. Dispatch simplifies this process with fast integration of routing changes for efficient, adjusted routes.
  • Anticipate Changes – mobi.Dispatch uses real-time location services to evaluate immediate traffic issues on a given route, as well as other potential delays. This information helps fleets better anticipate and respond to problems that could prevent on-time arrivals.
  • Rapid Response – Time is an essential factor in fleet management, both for customer satisfaction and for the best ROI on fleet assets. Fast solutions from mobi.Dispatch allow for last-minute adjustments without sacrificing on timing.
  • Optimized Service – With a better solution for route additions and alterations, this software tool makes it possible for fleets to fit more appointments into a day. This means better service for clients and increased revenue for the fleet.

Fleet managers face the complex problem of defining the most efficient route for a fleet of varied vehicles with a range of destinations and route situations.

With BSM Technologies’ solutions for route optimization, fleets can ensure that each trip takes the most efficient route based on distance and cost — whether that trip is a standard route that goes as planned, one that encounters traffic issues or an unexpected change in delivery needs, or a new addition to the fleet’s destination roster. Used together, mobi.Route and mobi.Dispatch ensure that regardless of the needs that arise, vehicles will be taking the best possible route, and efficient changes can be made on an as-needed basis.

With the intelligent data analysis of these tools, fleets will not only complete routes more quickly, but can do so while using less fuel and experiencing fewer maintenance needs. The added flexibility of real-time route optimization will increase customer satisfaction by increasing on-time arrival rates and reducing windshield time.

Contact us today to learn more about the improved efficiency and increased ROI that mobi.Route and mobi.Dispatch can provide to fleets.

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Today, our solutions are used to optimize and manage over 70,000 assets across 40 countries by some of the largest rail, construction, and commercial fleet organizations in the world. Experience our enterprise-focused solutions, robust capabilities, and customer-oriented culture.