[Tech Bulletin] – Offices (Literally) Powered By Coffee? Yess | September 24 2015

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What a tumultuous September! It was amusing to see tech community develop a love-hate relationship with the Apple Pencil. The shakedown at Volkswagen for their rigged emission tests? A lot more scary.

We have some pretty awe-inspiring tech stories for you below. Be sure to read how entire office buildings may soon be powered coffee. And the new rail car designed to carry both passengers and freight is just epic.

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Oct 4-7

Railway Interchange

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NACS – Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing

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AEMP Asset Management Symposium

New Framing Technique To Save You Labor Costs

Advances in framing promise to speed up construction while saving labor and energy costs of a new home project.

Power-Up (Your Building) with Coffee

This biofuel company’s scheme to power future offices with coffee has proven what we knew all along. Coffee is magical.

Create a Truly Modern Crew By Going Mobile

The better connected your team will be, the more benefits will you reap. Be sure you know the 3 steps to a mobile workforce.

Is Your Business Using Telematics Correctly?

Telematics is a cost-saving technology but only when unless you’re utilizing its full potential. 

Revolutionary Carriage Car for Passengers and Freight

Inspired by aircraft, technology director Dr. Jon Spratly wants to keep the two happily moving along.

Finally the Answer to a Critical Problem: Track Switch Failure

Loughborough University worked with aerospace and nuclear experts to give us the solution to a 200-Year-Old problem.