[Tech Bulletin] – Tech That Grow Your Profits July 29 2015

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Oct 4-7

Railway Interchange

Oct 11- 14

NACS – Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing

Oct 6-8

AEMP Asset Management Symposium

Construction Projects Embrace Technology

The technology you need to streamline operations & stay competitive as the industry grows to $192 billion this year!

$105 K – Theft  Highlights the Need for Telematics

Construction mogul steals from sub contractor, this company will be searching for a GPS Tracking solution soon!

Caterpillar Tells When Your Equipment Will Breakdown

Caterpillar leveraging big data to tell customers when their heavy equipment will need preventative maintenance.

Class 1 Railroads Will Miss PTC Despite Efforts

Set with an unrealistic timeline and no help from Congress, despite their $5.2 billion efforts to implement on track

Cyber Attack on Power Grid Could Cost 1 Trillion

No matter if you’re in rail or construction, it’s important to make sure any technology you use is secure!

Manufacturers Urge More Safety Features on Railcars

Industry standards need to be updated if we want to continue using rail tank cars to transport crude oil.