[Tech Bulletin] – Two Leading GPS Providers Merge: What to Expect | August 12 2015

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The past couple weeks saw some exciting ways to improve employee safety, modernize freight rail, and even a new tool to determine belt wear-and-tear. 

Most impressive was the announcement of an office building to be 3D-printed from beginning to end. One guess which nation will be taking that on.

We’re also proud to announce BSM’s pending merger with Webtech Wireless and excited to see how we can leverage this partnership to advance telematics.

Sit tight, it’s gonna be a wild ride!


Oct 4-7

Railway Interchange

Oct 11- 14

NACS – Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing

Oct 6-8

AEMP Asset Management Symposium

Protecting Your Most Vulnerable Employees

Lone workers, whether on field or site, need the most direct attention. With the right tools, now you can communicate with them at all times.

Dubai Construction Firm to 3D Print Entire Office

While other companies have used 3D printing for projects before – the first time the entire project will be 3D-printed on-site! 

Race is On to Find Strongest Steel for Modern Rail

A new project undertaken by Institute of Railway Research to develop steel that lasts at least twice as long as current standards to reduce track maintenance.

BSM Announces Merger with Webtech Wireless

Telematics companies on the brink of merging to provide comprehensive GPS solutions for rail and construction. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Why the Time is Right to Modernize Freight Rail

As the rail industry injects $2.4 trillion into the economy, we need more data to improve service and output. 

New Tool to Gauge Wear-and-Tear on Belts

Belt wear and tear can cost you in repair costs and machine downtime. This tool reduces at least one of those costs through preventative maintenance.