[Tech Bulletin] – Why Jobsite Tech Updates Are Vital To Stay Competitive|August 26 2015

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Hold on tight. This week’s articles will take you to the Netherlands, who’s entire rail network is about to be entirely wind-powered sooner than anyone anticipated. 

You’ll also find out why it’s not enough just to have technology on the jobsite. You must keep it updated to help you stay competitive.

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Oct 4-7

Railway Interchange

Oct 11- 14

NACS – Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing

Oct 6-8

AEMP Asset Management Symposium

Less Power Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Reduced Productivity

With new technology, equipment manufacturers are able to retain the same productivity at lower HP and lesser fuel.

Having Tech On Jobsite Not Enough – Stay Updated

The benefits of having technology will be severely undermined if it’s outdated. Find out why it pays to stay on top.

Why Wearable Tech Remains a Distant Dream

Limitations of the hardware can’t quite support the complexities required by wearable technology. 

Rail Will Be The Key Player of Intermodal Transport

CSX wants to transfer 14 billion truck miles to freight rail by 2018 through construction of the National Gateway project.

The Dutch Rail Network Will Run Entirely on Wind

A new contract will make the Netherland’s rail network one of the world’s most environmentally friendly.

World’s Biggest Cargo Ship Will Be Too Wide for the Canal

Carrying 20,150 shipping containers, the megaship will boost freight hubs and volumes wherever it lands.