Tech Solutions Taking Over Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry over the next two decades is expected to grow to 2.1 trillion dollars from the Canadian oil sands alone! The competition in the industry is causing a heightened need for companies within this sector to streamline their operational strategies using advanced software solutions. Regardless of the class of operations oil and gas operators are learning to incorporate advanced technologies into almost every aspect of their logistics.

The oil sands sector can thank advances in telematics solutions for easier asset tracking and safety management. Having the ability to easily track data and make it available from one access point to the next, can truly mean the difference between operational success and failure. Asset management solutions provide professionals with a simple way to access and automate their workflow. This means that assets, stationary and mobile, are always accounted for resulting in better utilization and lower operating cost.

Worker safety is also a key concern within the industry. Utilizing asset management solutions gives professionals real time visibility which is not only conducive to sustained safety levels, but gives greater support to remote or lone workers. Solutions create easily accessible reports that provide insight into workplace conditions and variables. These tools are especially valuable in more remote areas of operation where protecting workers and assets proves to be more difficult and where specific regulatory safety procedures are required to be carried out. Protecting your most valuable assets, your workers, is a top concern that deserves increased attention.

Other concerns include the environment and public safety. This includes preventing incidents such as oil spills (harmful to both humans and animals), monitoring human exposures, and providing ambient air quality testing. Federal safety regulations are strictly enforced by country wide agencies such as Environmental Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, as well as provincial departments like the Alberta Environment Sustainable Resource Department. The regulations create a further need to track assets and incorporate safety measures to ensure proper delivery and management of oil resources, and to ensure compliancy requirements are met.

In a fast booming industry like Oil Sands advanced telematics technology can go a long way to improve operational efficiency and protect employees and the environment.