The Unbiased Witness: How Telematics Reduces Your Liability

We know liability isn’t sexy, but it has the potential to cost your agency millions of dollars and lead to very unhappy taxpayers. Telematics fleet tracking solutions reduce your liability and safeguard your organization against the repercussions that can arise when a resident complains that one of your drivers operated a vehicle dangerously.

Fleet tracking provide an unbiased witness, simply due to the nature of the technology. GPS fleet tracking offers irrefutable data to show where your vehicles are at all times and how they were being operated. And fleet utilization data is tracked on each vehicle, so you can access the facts at any given time, such as whether a driver was speeding.

Safeguard your reputation

Complaints on driver behavior are inevitable. But what happens when they carry more weight? This happened to one of BSM’s long-time customers, the City of North Bay. They shared with us that “a city resident called into our public works dispatch center complaining they had witnessed a plow backing up on the street in a fast and unsafe manner.”

Without a fleet tracking solution further information, the City would have to immediately action the complaint by interviewing the driver, leveraging traffic cameras, and calling for local witnesses—all of which take time and money—but all necessary steps in the due diligence process.

Having a fleet tracking solution allows customers to check the complaint against the data, and then get back to your day. The City of North Bay told us they “were able to review our records through the BSM solution and determine the driver navigated the vehicle back down the street on the day in question in a slow and safe manner.” This access to objective data protected the city, and they were able to defend their driver’s actions.

More than software

We’re invested in protecting our clients and the organizations they serve, and we pride ourselves in truly partnering with our customers from across North America. We love hearing from our customers like the City of North Bay, who took the time to share with us that 

“The BSM team has been very helpful in setting up and troubleshooting any issues that have arisen. They have been very responsive and very helpful in solving any issues, and we have used tech support on numerous occasions and they have always responded to our questions.”

These success stories are why we do what we do here at BSM.

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