Vehicle Asset Management: The 5 most common pain points

A Vehicle and Asset Management solution using GPS can help relieve your fleet management pain points. Sophisticated GPS solutions provide more than just track and trace functionality and it is often those additional factors that make purchasing a vehicle and Asset Management solution worthwhile. The following are the 5 most common pain points we hear from fleet managers and how a GPS tracking solution for vehicle and asset management can help.

1. Operating Costs
With fuel being one of the highest fleet operating costs it isn’t any wonder that this is cited as the Number One most common pain point. A Tracking & Vehicle Asset Management solution can help reduce on average an entire month to two months worth of your annual fuel spend by cutting down idling time, speeding, optimizing your dispatch/routing, and more.

2. Safety
Emplyee Safety is of the utmost importance to companies. A Tracking and Vehicle Asset Management system can give you the tools to confidently support your remote workers and assets and quickly respond in emergency situations.

3. Driver Behavior
We know your employees are great- that’s why you’ve hired them! But sometimes their driving behaviour isn’t so great. Excessive speeding or harsh breaking will cause significant wear and tear on your vehicle. By educating your team to improve driving practices, you will reduce your service visits. In addition, improving driving behaviour will also give you peace of mind that your drivers are less likely to be the cause of an accident, which will keep your insurance premiums nice and low.

4. Asset Utilization
Active assets bring in revenue, idle assets are expensive. Get the most of your assets by monitoring them to ensure they are being used. The ones that are not being used can be sold, put into storage or better yet put on back on the road!

5. Compliance to Government Regulations
Whether you’re dealing with Hours-of-Service regulations or fuel tax reporting, compliance to these government regulations using manual processes can be very time consuming and may result in compliance breaches. Help automate your processes and free up your resources time with a GPS Tracking and Vehicle & Asset Management solution. Automate your driver logs with an Automated Hours-of-Service solution to avoid costs associated with compliance breaches. Furthermore, get a state mileage report to help automate your fuel tax reporting.

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