Vehicle GPS Tracking Device vs. Garmin GPS Device: What’s the difference?

To understand the difference between a vehicle GPS tracking device and a Garmin device we must distinguish how a GPS is used in both circumstances.

What is GPS?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 24 earth-orbiting satellites, providing location and time in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS Satellites. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS Receiver (

This system of satellite can work in any weather condition, operate 24/7/365 and travel at roughly 7,000 miles an hour. A GPS receiver uses a triangular calculation to pinpoint a user’s exact location buy comparing the time a signal was transmitted with the time it was received by a satellite. With a network of multiple satellites a user can gain detailed information about the device being monitored and receive that information via a Fleet Tracking GPS Solution.

GPS Satellites are eco-friendly technology. By using solar energy to operate they are able to fly 12,000 miles above the earth on a set path (

What is a Garmin GPS device?

A Garmin is a type of Personal Navigation Device (PND), a portable electronic product which combines GPS information with navigation functions (

There are multiple uses for a PND both recreationally and commercially. Some specialty devices have been developed for fish finders, aviation, runners and cyclists. However a large segment of buyers will purchase a navigation device for their vehicle. Whether it is used for personal navigation or communication with a fleet of vehicles, a PND is a valuable asset to a driver.

What is a Vehicle GPS Tracking Device?

Simply put – a Vehicle GPS Tracking Device used for Fleet Tracking & Management solutions combines installing a device into a vehicle or asset and monitoring it on a web-based software program. However because the device is installed onto the engine the information gained is invaluable to a fleet owner. A Vehicle GPS Tracking Device is able to capture vehicle speed, the breaking and acceleration rate, engine diagnostics, fuel consumption and so much more.

A Fleet Tracking & Management solution uses a Vehicle GPS Tracking Device by pinpointing a vehicle’s location in real-time and translating the data from longitude latitude coordinate into a street address, or landmark on a map. Some GPS providers will provide Geozone capability. A Geozone is similar to a virtual barrier programmed onto the GPS unit within the vehicle. Once a vehicle has entered or exited a Geozone a GPS signal will send a real time notification to the user with all the specified information.

Fleet Tracking solutions are a valuable tool for fleet managers allowing them to oversee their entire fleet and analyze their operational activities to improve fleet efficiency. Benefits of a Fleet Tracking and Management Solution include:

How do a Garmin and a Fleet Tracking Solution work together?

Some web-based Fleet Tracking GPS Solutions are able to integrate with a PND such as a Garmin device. As a fleet manager communication with your driver is essential, and a PND facilitates contact in the most efficient, and safe way possible. A fleet manager is able push data to the driver through the online Fleet Tracking application. A manager can reroute a driver by simply entering a new address. Once the rerouting command has been accepted by the driver, the PND will provide the optimum route to the driver from their current location with the use of GPS technology. Additionally, this integration allows for two-way communication between driver and dispatch. As extra peace of mind a fleet owner is able to see when a driver has read a message confirming it has gone through without error.