What is Telematics Doing for Your Business?

Make sure you know the answer!

If a company believes it does not need telematics, it is most likely not aware of the full benefits of employing this technology. Telematics and fleet management can be employed by a company of any scale and size for cost savings and long-term profit growth. The larger the organization, the more benefits it can reap with the many features available on the software. Safety, fuel economy, speed limits and panic options are just some of the uses of various telematics devices.

However, sometimes even businesses using the technology are not fully aware of the full capabilities it brings. This often leads them to discontinue use of the product even while the device continues functioning in the vehicle for years on end. There are a few ways to avoid this unnecessary drain of revenues and resources of a tool that would otherwise be saving them thousands of dollars.

Take the time to find a compatible telematics solution for you

1) Know the full range of features for each provider you are considering


It’s a good idea to get educated on the various features through the provider’s website, and then getting in touch with a sales person for more detailed insights. This may seem like common sense, but too often time constraints push people into making rash decisions. It is crucial to know the needs of the business before making the purchase. If the you’re not sure which product would be best for your company, there are a number of providers covering all types of vehicles from light duty trucks to heavy machinery to reefer units to rail cars geared towards many different needs. To be even better informed get a live demonstration through a pilot program, to see how the telematics device would work within their fleet.



2) Make sure your staff never asks ‘What is telematics?’

Another way to make the most of your telematics programs is by seeking training from the beginning. Any serious telematics provider will have an extensive training program through their customer care departments. Specialized training to learn about the hardware and software portions of the system will be really useful to learn the tools you can use. For example, BSM Wireless, offers group training sessions based on the needs of your organization, with different sessions available for various roles that will be utilizing the software. Software training can provide critical information on basic report generation and vehicle labeling to customizing alerts on driver behavior. These help the company identify areas they are maintaining well and areas where they can create better regulations for saving costs and increasing driver safety. But there’s no way to utilise these great features if you and your staff aren’t aware of them.

3) Make sure your provider has customer supportWhat is telematics doing for you?

All providers have a comprehensive technical assistance program in place to answer questions during and after hours. There will, of course, always be questions that  you didn’t think to ask during training. With a customer support facility, you can follow up anytime you have more questions about the product or are seeking the right data to manage your fleet. The best telematics providers will always be available to help you determine what is telematics doing for your business.

Failure to understand the benefits of telematics systems and the help available to you can lead to frustration and eventually lost costs in an under utilised program. When a company understands the many ways it can use the software available to it and utilizes these functions (even some of them), they can see the correlation of saving costs, raising profits and keeping their drivers safe and adhering to the laws of the area they are driving in. Many times, the benefits of telematics are barely a click away after purchasing the technology to utilise the system to its full potential.

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