Working Alone On-Site: A Precarious Position

These images were collected from the amazing Tumblr account, Scaffoldage.

Using a unique perspective, each image captures the beauty behind what many dismiss as necessary eyesores.

Safeguard Employees That Are Working Alone

Instead of eyesores, the beautiful shots use the right perspective to turn scaffolding into a demonstration the intricacies of time, planning and man-power that goes into putting up our society. Scrolling through these images, one has to admire the lengths we go to put up our buildings, the heights and scale we put upon ourselves and our employees – all for the sake of progress. It highlights the dangerous situations construction companies manager and monitor, especially for those employees working in isolation as those captured above.

Because nobody, nobody, wants that dreaded phone call: “There’s been an accident.”

Many managers lose sleep over this critical facet of their operations. But there’s no beating around the bush: construction is a dangerous business and there will always be an element of risk. In fact, it’s statistically the most dangerous industry around the world. Numerous regulatory agencies and boards are created for the sole purpose of assessing risks and implementing safety measures to mitigate that risk as much as possible. Their efforts have brought down the average worker deaths from 68 per day to twelve – but that’s still twelve deaths too many.

Employees who are working alone are at an even higher risk than others because of their isolation. Oftentimes, these employees could have been saved – had help arrived on earlier. Luckily, some parts of Canada and the U.K. have adopted legislation to closely monitor lone worker status and alert the right authorities should a situation arise. BSM Wireless has invested considerable time in developing a construction safety solution to help you assist these employees at all times.

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